About the human heart

The human heart weighs, on average, about 10 ounces. Over the course of a life it will beat 2.6 billion times, pumping 1.5 million barrels of blood.

Throughout Western history man also placed additional functions on the heart — the seat for aches, longing, desire, love, joy and breaks.

“If indeed from the heart alone rise anger or passion, fear, terror, and sadness; if from it alone spring shame, delight, and joy, why should I say more?” ~ Andreas de Laguna in 1535

My heart has done about half of its work and had its fair share of hurt and happiness.

It sings, perhaps a bit off-key, and beats faster in words.

And that’s the purpose of this blog —  somewhere I can share its beats.

The title itself, “An Ordinary Human Heart,” is a direct borrow from storyteller Tom Bodett describing himself, and best describes how I would like to see myself.

“I am my own favorite subject, as most writers and storytellers are. And in realizing that I’m also a really sort of an ordinary human heart . . . What I’ve come to now is that is pretty interesting to people, to go into the bare, common, everyday, human experience.”


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